George D.

A large district in a city or county may hold regular meetings led by a D.C.M.C., who serves as the link between the district and the area.

Alt. dcmC

Zack W.


Roseanne A.


Joseph D.

grapevine rep

Kingsley T.

Raise awareness within SENY about the Grapevine/La Viña (our "meeting-in-print") as a tool of recovery.


Matt M.


  • Make AA literature available at events within SENY.

  • Raise awareness within SENY about the Grapevine/La Viña (our "meeting-in-print") as a tool of recovery.

  • Encourage members to contribute to the Grapevine/La Viña.

Public information

Mario A.


  • Speak to high school and college students about AA.

  • Make sure AA literature is available in public libraries (the Big Book is stolen more than any other book!).

  • Coordinate informational outreach like radio PSAs.

  • Speak about AA at workshops for the public, or at health fairs.

treatment facilities

Virginia B .


  • Help bring a meeting or literature into treatment facilities, like rehabs, detoxes, outpatient centers, and hospitals.

  • Bring people who have finished treatment to a meeting when they get out.

website liaison

Ariel F. 


  • Help with web & graphic design.

  • Help with custom coding in Squarespace & Wordpress environments.

  • Help with copy writing & content management.


Arnulfo R.


  • Collect, catalogue and preserve our history.

  • Display our archives at AA events.

  • Check out the SENY Archives website at senyhistory.org

ACCESSIBILITY/special needs

Diane M.


  • Help improve the accuracy of the wheelchair-accessible designations in meeting lists.

  • Collect, catalogue and preserve our history.

  • Bring a meeting to a homebound or hospitalized member.

  • Speak about AA at schools for the blind, the deaf, and developmentally disabled.


Miguel P with Rick N. assisting.


Joe/Rick N.


  • Help bring a meeting into a correctional facility.

  • Help make AA literature available in correctional facilities.

  • Correspond with inmates reaching out for help.

  • Take an inmate to a meeting when they're released.

intergroup liason

Jeff W.

spanish liaison

Kiara G.


Joseph D.