Letter from the dcmc

Greetings Bronx and Upper Manhattan County Body,

There is a lot of news to share in our county, please share with your groups, so we are all informed!!

First a bit of housekeeping: please take note of a change in my email address, It now DCMC@BxUM.aaseny.org to better reflect the “BxUM” we will revert back as the acronym for Bronx and Upper Manhattan.  Please also note that this is my preferred method of communication.

GSR’s PLEASE discuss the following with your groups: We need feedback from the groups whether or not you would like the Spiritual Breakfast to be held at 10:00am instead of 8:00am. Neither ticket price nor venue would be affected by this change. Please email me your responses at the NEW email address of:  DCMC@BxUM.aaseny.org. We will discuss and vote at our next BxUM County meeting April 12, 2017.

Don’t forget that the BxUM is hosting this year’s 49th Annual SENY Convention kick off meeting. The convention is March 24th through March 26th.  Let’s show our support and sign up for some service such as Hospitality and/or Greeting. To sign up or for more information, please contact the following chairs:

Hospitality chair Tom Larkin: westpalmtom99@gmail.com

Greeter chair John Corcoran: jdcorky@gmail.com 

We also now have our very own website….Hip Hip Hooray!!! The link for the web site is: www.aasenybxum.org

Go peruse the web site, maybe write an article, give suggestions, give us your group’s anniversary (not individual members, just the group anniversary) or just look at the pages and see what is going on. Congratulation to us!!! Our link is also listed on the SENY web site as well.

All GSR’s please attend the Delegates Day of Sharing on Saturday, March 4th.  The Delegate's Day of Sharing will be held at St. Patrick's School in Brooklyn, (9511 Fourth Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209) and starts at 9:00am; lunch will be served.   There will be presentations of General Service Conference agenda items listed on the Delegate's Questionnaire. The Delegate's Questionnaire is your group's chance to participate in the fellowship-wide decision making of AA! Come and get informed!

Please keep in mind, there is still Committee chairs open at the county, such as CPC, The Brush newsletter, and all districts are still dark.

Yours in service,

Barbara Ann C – BxUM DCMC